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Cayenne pepper for broilers; Effect of red pepper on broiler Nigeria

Cayenne pepper for broilers; Here are the profound effects of red pepper on broiler Nigeria for people who actually rear birds and broilers to be very specific.

What if I told you that you are not the only one who likes pepper of more still you are not the only person who ends up getting something in return in form of nutritional value and anything else while eating pepper?

Broiler chickens also do gain something eating pepper but now lets talk about it in full.

Cayenne pepper for broilers is a very good nutrition when added to the bird food in many ways and today we will be exploring how this is a very good additive to the broilers feed.

Cayenne pepper for broilers

Cayenne pepper otherwise known as hot pepper will drastically increase broiler feed intake and this will definitely make them grow bigger healthier and also stringer and this is why we may advise you to make it a part of your broiler diet. An inclusion rate of 1.5 g/kg of feed, Cayenne does the job of a growth promoter so well, and you really should try it.

Now let us look at other components of the same question about Cayenne pepper for broilers and get a good glimpse of this pepper being actually good for your broilers or not and to that we start with the question, Is cayenne pepper good for broilers?

Is cayenne pepper good for broilers?

Well yes the Cayenne pepper is good for broilers as a result of the fact that, the the FI (Food Intake) of broiler birds was significantly (P < 0.05) higher on a diet supplemented with cayenne pepper powder at 100 g/100 kg of feed than on a non-supplemented diet or a diet supplemented with cayenne pepper powder (200 g) or a combination of turmeric and cayenne pepper powders (200 g + 100 g).

So, another question is…

Does cayenne pepper help chickens?

Absolutely yes, the Cayenne pepper when added to chicken feed or water helps to boost its egg production. It also does a great deal to help deworm the chickens as a study found that worm diseases are known to hamper the flock’s ability to reproduce in which cayenne pepper is a very effective remedy.

Cayenne pepper burns parasites that make their way into the digestive system.

Effect of red pepper or Cayenne pepper on broiler Nigeria

The Cayenne pepper is almost all round effective on the positive side to the broiler chicken and it also contains a nutrient called the Capsaicin which can potentiate the activities of pancreatic and intestinal enzymes (Platel and Srinivasan, 2004), increase bile acid secretion (Abdel Salam et al., 2005), and increase body weight gain in broiler chickens (Galib et al., 2011; Puvaca et al., 2014; 2015).

And by extension we have more questions to ask and they are…

What is the work of ginger, garlic pepper in broilers?

These are very natural and nutritional herbs and fruits and it is no surprise that they may have a very profound effects on Broilers and some of which are possessed antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-cholesteremic, anti-cancerous, and vasodilator characteristics [6]. Ginger and garlic supplements in broiler chicken diets have been recognized for their strong stimulating effect on the immune and digestive systems in birds.

What makes a broiler grow faster?

People usually ask why broilers tend to get bigger and bigger while some do not and this has nothing to do with the feeding they get but the main reason broilers are getting bigger and growing faster is genetic selection.

Effect of supplementation of ginger garlic and turmeric in broiler chicken

It is observed that Ginger up to 2% in broiler diet showed lower feed intake compared to the control. This was contrary to the finding of Doley et al., (2009) who observed no difference in feed intake by broilers administered aqueous ginger extract for a period of six weeks. The Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) value obtained ranged from 1.62 -1.82 with 1.0% having the best feed conversion ratio compare to the control and other levels of inclusion.

Effect of garlic supplementation on growth performance in broiler chicken

Speaking to the effect of growth performance specifically, It can be concluded that supplementation of 0.3 per cent garlic powder in broiler diet improved the growth performance such as feed intake, body weight, FCR.

Growth performance of broiler chicken using fermented lemon grass

The lemongrass metabolites as an oil (LGO) is considered as a viable alternative to antibiotics for the broiler and have been studied as an alternative for microbial and growth promoting abilities in the poultry, and that resulted minimized feed expense in the production chain.

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