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Benefits of feeding chickens red pepper flakes | Cayenne Pepper

While you may not be a very big fan of pepper there are many advantages to it which also springs from the fact that it could also be coming from the side of animals you own like Chicken and many others. There are many Benefits of feeding chickens red pepper flakes which includes warming up their bodies, giving them the ability to boost egg production among many others and to think pepper only has advantages for humans then you might have to think again.

If you are considering feeding your chicken pepper then this article will guide you on the exact benefits of feeding Cayenne pepper to the chicks and what happens afterwards.

Note we will not be focusing this article around every kind of pepper but on Cayenne pepper to be specific.

So here are the Benefits of feeding chickens red pepper flakesĀ talking about Cayenne pepper.

Benefits of feeding chickens red pepper flakes

  • Cayenne pepper help with circulation, which can prevent frostbite in the winter

For frostbite to get to Chickens they need not to be cold but this is another thing Cayenne pepper also helps with. It helps keep your chicks warm and this will in turn mean that the chicks will be resisting the frostbite caused by snows.

So yes the Cayenne pepper has a lot of functions which this is one of them to say the least.

Cayenne pepper helps chicken to fight bacterial infections

This is no myth that the Cayenne pepper helps chicks fight bacterial infections. The Cayenne pepper creates a very bad environment for bacteria’s inside the body system of the Chickens when they consume it and this makes it very difficult for the bacteria’s to grow in the body of the host.

Again causing a very good side effects to the owner and as well as the chicks.

Cayenne pepper also helps to keep rodents out of your chicken feed

While growing birds, you are not alone faced with the issues like human interference and anything like that but also you are faced with rodent infestation among a lot of many other issues and luckily the Cayenne pepper will help solve this.

It is not a sight you have not seen before having rodents and Chipmunks sneak into your Chicken house and eating their feed and if you are having this issue with your chicken feed, try mixing them with Cayenne pepper and watch as these rodents run from your chicken feed.

Cayenne pepper also helps to make nice orange egg yolks

The Cayenne pepper has a very good way of making egg yolk orange in color and rich in the eye. If you are planning on selling your Chicken eggs you might want to include this in their diet to make sure they produce very orange egg yolk eggs and this will in turn make it very sweet for people to buy from you as this makes the egg yolks appear very rich in nutrients although it does not have all that difference but it is a good business strategy too.

Now let us have a look at how to feed the Cayenne pepper to your Chickens

There are many ways to do this but I will be listing the most effective and easy ways to do so as such it will help you even apply it today and start seeing the effects unlike making it look bulky that it will look almost impossible to the normal person.

  • You have to sprinkle cayenne pepper over their dry feed
  • Then add some water to their dry feed and mix in some cayenne pepper
  • Go ahead to ferment some feed and add cayenne pepper
  • Then mix some cayenne pepper into scrambled eggs
  • Also mix some cayenne pepper into warm oatmeal
  • Then add some cayenne pepper to their scratch grains
  • Lastly use cayenne pepper in suet cakes or a homemade flock block

How Much Cayenne Pepper Should you Feed to your Chickens

Although there are no specific study that shows this but with out experiments and what we have tried in our farm we would say that about 1% would be effective.

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