About RedChilliTalk

Welcome to RedChilliTalk.com

RedChilliTalk is a blog that takes pride in sharing valuable insights on different pepper types species and writing reviews about them and how best to use them for the end users.

We believe this is a dream place for:

We created this website as a result of the fact that we love cooking and we take serious insight in the fact that certain kind of pepper taste and spice foods up in certain ways and we are ecstatic about this and this is what we look to bring to you sooner to explain to you how we find these pepper very interesting.

Who’s Behind the Scenes?

Hi I am Ken, and here we are not just a blog but a legion of people who are fascinated by the pepper nature and we are bringing you all the good sides and of course the bad sides of pepper as we know it raw.

Join us as we take you through the process of discovery of new pepper species and help you spice up your next meal.

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